Sunday, January 11, 2009

"There's no words to describe it in French or in English" - Citizen Cope

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Got way lost in the subway today. Actually it wasn't bad at all. All the lines have two names. If you go say north, the name of the line is the last station you'll hit. If you go south, it's the last station you hit. Would've been nice to know that... haha. I also did not know how to open the subway door and missed my stop. Live and learn, right?! The metro stations are fun though. You get to hear really great music - sometimes an accordion player..I heard a violin rendition of "My heart will go on" as well, although I've obviously would've picked a better song. I had to sing that for choir in the 5th grade. Can you imagine having to practice Celine Dion daily for weeks? Torture. Oh P.S. There was definitely choreography..

Anyway, after getting off at one stop too far I had a long walk down Boulevard Voltaire to get to my parents' "oh-tel". That place has everything times two: salons, undistinguishable globs of meat, discount stores, brasseries (no that does not refer to bras), chocolat, electronics, and signs for Happy Phone. Definitely wouldn't pick up one of those, I have no desire to figure out who is at the other end of that line........

Met up with Mummy and Papa and sat down for "le petit déjeuner" (French breakfast, typically light) in a nearby patisserie. That's still the only French word I can say properly.

We headed first to Cathédrale Notre Dame, have a lot to pray about these days. The place, as one would imagine, is breath-taking with its intricate scenes of stained glass and peaceful aura. It's a strange feeling you get walking into a place like that..knowing important people who have done great things have been exactly where you're standing. I think I might have to go back there and audio-guide it to hear more of the history.

I ventured into the glam side of Paris that everyone knows and loves. Ah, mon cherie, mon Paris! Spent the afternoon shopping in Galeries Lafayette - 10 stories of shopping glory and wonder. Couldn't afford a single thing. Mom and I spent a bit ogling at the Swarovski nook. We both lost our earrings in Paris. All this taking clothes on and off, you're bound to lose something...

At night, my roommate Laura and I visited the Latin Quarter. It's lively, full of restaurants and brasseries and reminded me of Covent Garden in London. We had intended to meet up with some Longhorns also studying at ESCP, but somehow missed their happy hour at Cafe Delmas. By "somehow" I mean Laura and I left way late from the apartment and also had to go back because I left my gloves at home. After that setback, we perused the area browsing all the menus posted outside the restaurants. I hope I can find places to eat that actually serve something vegetarian besides Sandwich 4 Formagge (four cheeses and bread) and that is affordable. 17+ Euros my arse! I know these restaurants serve their purpose, but where do all the people eat on a regular basis? I guess back home I'm used to going to cheap/moderately priced eateries all the time.

We wandered somewhere outside the Latin Quarter and fell upon Crêpes à Gogo. HELL YEAH (Said that in the most Jeff Kramer voice possible). Got seated at a cozy table for two next to the heater. Tres awesome! There were so many crepes I almost started drooling at the menu. Laura ended up with Crepes Gourmande...laced with hot chocolate and toasted almonds and topped with ice cream. I kind of wanted something flambed but didn't really want apples, which I believe the waiter said was the only thing I could get as a filling with the various alcohols. What does cointreau taste like? Never tried it before. I ended up with crepes covered in Bailey's with a little scoop of Bailey's ice cream and sprinkled with coffee beans. De-lish, but seriously there was an entire shot of Bailey's poured over that crepe, totally drenched. Rachel(the bff) probably would have wet her pants over it. Anyway, Laura and I promised ourselves to go-go back and delight our bellies once more.

Our waiter sent us in the direction of Mono Prix, a 3-level grocery store where I picked up essentials: soy sauce, green beans, oatmeal, and risotto. I was really tempted to pick up a basil plant, but I tried to grow one in Edinburgh and that failed(It rains there incessantly). I also got mocked for eating leaves. Thank you, Monica, Lauren, and Karina! This cold weather = certain doom for that tiny plant.

Completely unrelated, but just got an email from my sister that I just had to share with you. LOVE YOU, SONIYA:)

"HI Saloni,

Be safe in Paris. Don't take any taxis with people you don't know (not to scare you but someone told me about how there are some people who get you to share a taxi with them, they find out where you live, and then they kidnap you for ransom later. Again, don't want to scare you, but I want you to be safe.


Well, it's time to make another attempt at getting rid of my jet lag so until next time, amigos.


Rachel said...

Hahaha you know I would have gobbled that thing down like none other! I miss you like crazy, I'm so happy you're having so much fun in Paris!! I hope you get the chance to try some fancy french wine and develop a taste for it so that when you come back to Texas you can show us all up with your knowledge of all things elegant. Pleaseplease promise me you're taking lots of pictures, I expect to see some soon! I'm going through Saloni withdrawals so I need to see your face soon too---please let me know when you can get back on webcam chat :).
Love you, xoxoxoxox

Lil Yo's said...

I'm telling you, the perfect cure for jet lag is to drug yourself on caffeine, stay up as long as possible, and then go to bed at the right bedtime.

Ballin' Stalin said...

And why is Rachel Rocky?

traveler's pen said...

Rachel, haha I don't think I plan on becoming a wine connoisseur anytime soon. I'm trying not get fat off all this cheese I've been eating. I don't really want to eat cheese all the time, but really you can't walk into a restaurant and order anything végétarien.

Joe, I can't keep up with all of your nicknames! I'll report back to you after I try your idea out... maybe haha. Not too huge a fan of caffeine. Rachel is Rocky...because I'm not really sure. We're just Rocky and Lola...

k said...

Please don't buy another plant.

traveler's pen said...

Okay. I'll resist all temptations...but I am going to a fresh market soon...remember buying tulips for our mothers in amsterdam? as if that would make up for all the bad things we did/money we wasted haha