Thursday, January 8, 2009

All things go, all things go

Location: Dallas Love Field Airport
Currently Listening: Chicago by Sufjan Stevens

Days of travel are always filled with enough emotions to drive out any sane fibers inside the body. Upon arrival at Dallas Love, my suitcases seemed as though they’d been rigged to fall off the smartecarte. My new winter hat (Yes, Chris, the one I opened a credit card to purchase – haha long story!) blocked all peripheral vision so I’m not quite sure if Professor Quirrell was anywhere nearby muttering spells under his breath. This nice man (God, I’m going to miss Texas) seriously put them on the cart about 12 times as the police men just stared, probably in disappointment of today’s young generation and their inability to part with material belongings. So much for packing lightly and living with European simplicity! Thoreau would not be proud, but I will say this. I was under the check-in limit on both pieces of luggage. I blame my sudden fit of apathy whilst packing for not being more exact.

I don’t know what it is about this airport, but it seems like everyone here is looking for a little action. Is there something romantic about airports? Meeting strangers or perhaps it has something to do with the mindset of the traveler. I always feel as though I am in a dream-like state when I am on the go and let reality slip far back into the depths of my mind.

“Everytime I talk to a beautiful woman she’s going to college!” That was the rather disappointed airport security worker after discovering my plans to study rather than travel for business/pleasure. Not sure how to react to that one. It’s general consensus that I look about 16 so it was a bit pedophile-esque that he was trying to hit on me. Although really that was nothing after I walked by the shoe shining area and a 70-year-old man winked at me. I thought to myself, are you kidding me? He did not just do that. I looked back thinking that must've been a twitch, but no, the creeper smile was waiting for me. Needless to say I walked away quickly. About twenty minutes later, my elderly waiter at Chili's asked me if I wanted him to check me out. I'm just going to pretend that was related to some sort of language barrier. But really, it's incidents like these (and the essentially zero interaction I've had with my grandparents) that just augment my feelings of weariness and discomfort towards the elderly. I hope one day that will change. Anyway, this is starting to sound like Dr. Phil. I promise you much more exciting entries upon my departure of the U.S. to where the grass really is greener on the other side. Well, I'm off to Chicago for a bit of a layover where I will meet up with Mummy and Papa before jetting off to Paris! Kiss, kiss!


rocky said...

1. Yes everyone in an airport is looking for a little action. Someone to layover (haha). Check Karina's box (something about lovin on strangers) as a reference point.
2. Old men often do that, I think its the viagra. Its probably written on the box somewhere "caution, may cause pedophilic tendencies"
3. I miss you already :( the next five months will probably be unbearable for me, you must send picture updates and write in the blog daily or else expect me to get on your case!!
I lost count. I love you, I miss you, the boys all miss you too, expect lots of lolcat taggage because thats what happens when you leave us with too much time on our hands.

traveler's pen said...

1) Karina hates you
2) You would have experience with men using viagra
3) I will write in my blog as much as possible. At the very least 3 times a week.

You lost count ? Is it 'cause pluto 1 and 2 are so far away now? Can you use your gmail account so you know when I write back to you?

Anonymous said...

you don't look 16

you look at least 18.

I however, look 12.

some people just wink to be friendly. don't let elderly people creep you out. it's the mentally unsound people you might want to worry about

traveler's pen said...

Haha like that crazy lady at the hospital!!!!