Friday, January 23, 2009

Seeing a french person smile is like catching a butterfly

Location: La salle de séjour
Currently listening: Yelle - Je veux te voir
Weather: The ache-y kinda cold

Fun Finds in Paris:
1) Electro French singer Yelle. I went out with my friends Jennie and Laura (Longhorns) to Club Mix for a party hosted by ERASMUS, international students organization. The place was massive and there were I-don't-know-how-many people from all over the world. Lots of French techno music with intermittent breaks of American rap or pop. Had so much fun, but very, very crowded. Sometimes smaller, less crowded clubs can be better 'cause you have a little more room to move. But God was it nice to see people from all over because that is one place where people are willing to make a little effort at broken English, or I mean dancing is it's own form of communication...This Italian guy asked me if I wanted to be Italian for the evening and handed me his Italian flag sticker haha. Speaking of Italians, all the girls are in love with my European Model professor. Class title quite fitting. He speaks Italian and French, but has been working in the UK so his English accent is a bit muddled which I find entertaining. Anyway, what a tangent! Bottom line: Listen to Yelle!

2) PAUL One word:Délicieux



k said...

I loveeeeeee Yelle!

Why don't they have awesome dance clubs like that here in the freaking US? Slash in Austin. We are searching for dance clubs this summer in Dallas.

Jesus's Daddy said...

ah, someone's been clubbing it up, i see

traveler's pen said...

do we really know what kind of dance clubs there are in austin?

although europe over all has better dance clubs, there are plenty of crappy ones or even the good ones play some really bad techno songs that last 30 minutes long.

Jesus' Daddy? I think this is Joe. I can't follow anymore. Hurry up and get a blogger account.