Thursday, January 15, 2009

Put me in your suitcase...

Location: L'sofa? haha whatever.
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Weather: Cloudy 37F then I don't have to buy a ticket to any of the places I should be visiting but can't aaaaaffford. Everyone is making quite expensive plans for trips throughout Europe. I am holding off and trying to find good deals to places I have never been before, but I'm not really having much luck. On a far brighter note, I stuffed my belly with some yummy crepes yesterday. I met up with Brooke and Emily finally who are here to study French at their strangely numbered universities. Beats Me. We went out to a bar with some friends I met at ESCP to celebrate a friend's birthday. My stomach hasn't adjusted well to the cheeses here so as I have been in a constant state of cheese hangover, the sauvignon I ordered did not go down so well. I would blame my lactose intolerance, but Kristina's (She goes to THE Sorbonne) been here for several months now and she says even her stomach hurts from the cheeses here.

After leaving the bar we just walked up the street and found this cute little place that served crepes with chocolate of all different colors called Marche ou Crepe. I had a savory crepe... here they call them galettes..( I feel like the same word is used to describe this almond pastry I ate the other day) they are made of buckwheat and are a bit thicker. Mine was filled with chevre (goat cheese), epinard (spinach), and emmental(swiss cheese). Brooke and I split a dessert crepe, really quite too much, don't intend to attempt that again, filled with chocolate and caramel. Bit too chewy. I prefer lighter ones with berries. Regardless, definitely plan on returning again (under 5 euros each- heck yes). Can someone put a creperie on the Drag back home? Say yes!

Tomorrow morning I have to take a silly test over the seminars I've been attending. Basically a test over the European Union, French history and culture, and a couple of other things that I conveniently slept through. After class, I'll be off to Mumbai for the weekend YESSSSS! I fly from Paris to Dubai with a rather unfortunately long layover (I can shop I suppose) and then reach India Friday evening. My cousin Ram whom I affectionately call Dinky is getting hitched. I am so excited. Hopefully I will remember to take my camera, speaking of which I can't find the camera wire which is why my posts have been devoid of pictures.

Still have not gotten a cell phone aka social enabler. David and I checked out a few phone shops, but they were all out of the cheap phones. Fun fact: It costs more to buy a sim card by itself then to buy a phone with a sim card. France is strange.

Good bye, Paris, for now. I shall return Monday afternoon in time for class!

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