Monday, July 2, 2007

Many apologies

2:10pm, Univ. of Edinburgh Computer Lab

So sorry I haven't had internet whatsoever. Vienna was fabulous. No worries, though. I've sort of been keeping up the blogging on my laptop and a tiny notepad. I'll add those entries as I have time this week. Sorry they'll be slightly out of order.. been very busy. Just got to Scotland Saturday and started class today!

P.S. Yes, I'm alive. Thank God all of us made it safely to Edinburgh even with the terrorist attacks this past weekend. A bit of a scare..

June 30, 2007, 1:00pm, British Airways flight to London.

I'm sitting next to a rather round man on my flight to London where I'll transfer to Edinburgh. I woke up after meals were served, but luckily was able to get one of my own. I was too scared to try much on my vegetarian plate when a lovely little box on my neighbor's tray caught my attention. I looked down at mine in hopes that I would have one as well, but was sadly disappointed. Everyone seemed to have a tiny cream colored box but me, and as the meal went on, I grew anxious to discover the contents of the little box. I generally avoid talking to others in public places unless they initiate conversation but I especially wanted to avoid asking Augustus Gloop here what was inside his box. I sat quietly intimidated, and waited for what seemed like an eternity for the man to lift his piece of bread off the cover so I could read the writing printed on the box, and perhaps have a clue as to what lay inside. Unfortunately, even with my glasses I lack Clark Kent's magnifying vision, and the label was all a blur. Leaning awkwardly did little to help the situation except reveal a name written in cursive and three smaller words printed below. Three words, three words. English tea biscuit? I could never be sure unless the man would magically offer me the box since he showed little care for it. After a good long while of watching the man drink his wine and imagining all sorts of delights that could possibly sit inside the box, the man made one grand gesture and picked up the box. My eyes, peeled with anticipation, locked themselves in his direction. With two grubby fingers, he lifted a small chocolate from the box. What kind? Is there a lovely cream filling? Coconut? I watched him bite into the chocolate with care, and my mouth watered at the site of such perfectly blended caramel swirling outward from the remaining half. Before I knew it, he popped both chocolates inside his cave of a mouth- no chance at perhaps having the other since I clearly had no box of my own. I was overjoyed when the flight attendant brought me a box, (She said they were afraid of vegetarians having food allergies and tend to leave chocolates off their trays). Lily O'Briens. Created with passion. Inside sat two fine truffles: honeycomb crunch and mandarin caramel duet. The latter of which was pure delight. The mandarin encased in the caramel gave a feeling of the first glimpse of sun in the morning. I turned the box over hoping the chocolates were from London or Edinburgh where I am headed, but learned they came from a place called Kildares, Ireland. I'll have to go there someday- Ireland, I mean, if only to see the Lake Isle of Innisfree.

June 31, 2007, 10:40 A.M - My flat in Edinburgh

Suitcase didn't come yet again. Big surprise. Little love for British Airways. The flat is slightly infested so Karina and I slept cuddled in her room. I'm eager for the other girls to arrive. Lauren and Monica should be here in a few hours. I better run to Boots and Tesco to pick up a few essentials.


Anonymous said...

Augustus Gloop! hahaha

don't we all wish we were superman?

i love your writing saloni! you bring a smile to my face! miss u


traveler's pen said...


I AM (deep inhale) INVINCIBLE!