Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nueva York

5:00p.m. JFK Airport in New York, New York

Here I am in N.Y.C., and I feel like breaking into that song from Annie. "N-Y-C! Just got here this morning. Three bucks. Two bags. One me." I wish I could leave the airport and go to Time Square. That place is just exhilirating especially at night. Grace has the city at her feet right now. I'd love to see her, but I'm trapped in Terminal 9.

The flight here was mostly enjoyable- slept most of the way. Unfortunately, when traveling trouble always ensues.

First, I was told by three different American Airlines represenatives that my vegetarian meal was confirmed my flight. Meal time comes around, and Saloni does not get fed. Well, I got some brie and some plasticky cookie, but apparently you don’t really count unless you keep Kosher. Where was the ice cream that everyone(cough, cough Miachel and my mother) always talks about? Boy, was I crushed. I had been watching Top Chef last week, and the food they served in first class looked like a masterpiece. I guess that doesn’t quite happen in real life.

I get to JFK with spirits still high until I find out that the terminal is still being built and the food court is not open yet. After missing lunch, I didn’t want to wait until I reached London tomorrow morning to eat! After a heck of a lot of walking and somehow having to go through security again, I found this small grocery stand with sandwiches. Praise the Lord! I’ve been saved. Oh, except, yes, that’s right my new debit card was DENIED. The bank froze my account, and I’m still waiting for it to be unfrozen. I have some money to last a bit, but if that thing doesn’t start working I am going to have a big problem. I just keep telling myself when I reach Vienna things will turn around, and I sure hope I’m right! On the bright side, I kept getting offered drinks on my flight and also received complimentary wine cards from two different people in the Admirals Club. Maybe for once I look older than fifteen...or maybe I just look like I really need a drink.

Oh, I realized I never quite mentioned the reasons for my travel. Let's see, I'm going to spend a week in Vienna with some friends: Karina, Lauren, Monica and Chad. Lauren's Uncle lives there with his wife and was kind enough to offer us a place to stay. After that I'll be spending the rest of the summer studying at the University of Edinburgh where I will be taking a class in the Legal Environment of Business and Law of the European Union. Somewhere in between I'll be heading to Ashford to visit my cousins and London to meet J.K. Rowling!!!!!!!!

Alright well, I better go pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. Bye!


Anonymous said...

Hey...How do you get to meet JK Rowling?

traveler's pen said...

I entered this sweepstakes and won a ticket to the official book release party. I'll be able to get a personalized autograph on a free copy of the new book! Pretty crazy.


sal dear! :D
your presence in nyc was brief...but felt. haha. we'll have our chance to play someday. update ur blog, dude! tell us about ur european adventures. i still can't believe you got to ride first class. remember? i rode second row from the very back. HAHA.
<3 grace