Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bye bye birdie

10:02 a.m., DFW Airport

I still can't believe I'm saying this.... but Europe, here I come! I'm off this morning from Dallas with two layovers in NYC and London. London shouldn't be so bad, but I am definitely not looking forward to 8 hours in the JFK Airport. Yuck! Although I do get to stay in this fancy-shmancy Admiral's Club, because my dad surprised me with a first class ticket to Vienna!! I know it's ridiculous, and I was definitely shocked. Better not miss my flight. Au revoir. I promise I'll figure out how to say that in German.... eventually


Behal said...

whoa! first class ticket to Vienna- kick ass. FYI Alex Au is going to be in Vienna for a week- not sure if you know him, but you should :) Maybe you guys will bump into each other.

Miachel said...

First class ALRIIIGHT! =) Order lotsa ice cream.
So you never said who you're going to Europe with. Is this a class? to visit family?

traveler's pen said...

Bijal, Hahahaha! Let me just say I was definitely BLOCKED from viewing your blog due to "pornographic content." Do I want to know what you write about?

Miachel, if there ever comes a chance when someone offers me ice cream in an airplane, I will do so and treasure the moment forever.