Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Grey skies and no sleep

12:53pm, yet another computer lab

Just got out of class- Law of the European Union. It was pretty interesting. My professor is pretty funny, but I must admit my eyes started glossing over during the last 20 minutes. Class goes from 9 to 1, which is definitely going to stretch my attention span after five weeks of class. I feel pretty comfortable in the class because Norman, my macroecon professor last semester, tested over the European Union so I've got the basics down already.

Yesterday after class, we hit up a few shops to get the last bit of groceries to make it through the week. Tesco Metro doesn't have a large selection, but I won't complain about my lovely little jar of Nutella, which will soon become a staple food in our kitchen. My stomach's had enough of gnocchi and tomato mascarpone sauce that I ate one too many times. There are a lot of little vintage shops, and actually cancer research donation shops that we perused through as well looking for warmer clothing which didn't quite make it into my suitcase. In the Oxfam shop, we found really beautiful jewelry that I was rather tempted to purchase, but I opted for a scrapbook to keep all the little knicknacks I've picked up along the way.

We're slowly realizing the weather here is quite terrible. It's never sunny, and it rains and stops raining over and over again. Rain boots would've been a good idea. We all go home with 6 inches of wet pants that never seem to quite dry with the humidity. I am making weekend trips to London and Amsterdam, and I hope weather there is a least somewhat reminiscent of summer.

Our flats don't have wi-fi so it looks like we'll all be spending our afternoons in the pub across the street where they have free internet. I think it's called Draughty Neebors or something of that sort. Naturally everyone feels obligated to buy drinks. As long as everyone around me is getting drinks, I feel no pressure, heh. We stayed there for quite a while (a little past closing, much to the owner's dismay), and then continued to bum around outside the door to use the internet so Chad could finish booking his flight to Amsterdam. I had no intention really to go Amsterdam, but I'm getting excited as time passes, because as it turns out, there is quite a bit to see there!




i'm getting rainboots! :]
i wanted to get a pair in ny,
but target's are much
niftier & cheaper.

i'll start postcard-ing soon.
although! they may take a while
to reach karina & u in europe.
example. your much-delayed letter.
haha. i'll try to be speedy.

have funn! <3


ah, lame sauce.
let me recopy the url.



Anonymous said...

you knew it was going to be rainy, no? london prob won't be less wet. try to find the beauty in the pitter patter.


traveler's pen said...

Haha I need rainboots more than you, trustttttttt me. My address has changed so I will send it to you!

traveler's pen said...

haha the pitter patter is more like, "Crap, I'm hiking down slippery rocks on a cliff. Please, don't let me fall to my death."

Emily said...

Well for right now, that weather description sounds similar to what we have in Austin. It hasn't stopped raining in so long!

Amsterdam is awesome, home to some of my favorite museums eeeever. Van Gogh!

traveler's pen said...

Send your recommendations for Amsterdam! I don't know too much about what there is to see.