Saturday, July 21, 2007

London happenings and corn-topped pizzas

Saturday July 21, 2007, 7:47 p.m.,
Taya Ji's(my Dad's older brother) home in Ashford, U.K.

Golly gosh oh gee am I having the most wonderful time in England! Thursday after class I trekked over to the Edinburgh Airport to catch my flight to Heathrow. I've just been enjoying every last bit of it. I've been here so many times that I didn't have to run around doing all the touristy stuff and actually got a chance to relax and see some different parts of London.

Shopping of course is wonderful in London, but how much can one person buy in three days? Okay, I take that back. I must have a hole in my wallet 'cause the money is just slipping through with eating, transportation, must-haves from H&M, etc. My sister Pooja says I've spent so many pounds I'll be thin when I come back. Guess we'll see about that one.

So I definitely was informed today about being on the front page of the statesman by Charlene! I was thinking more like tiny column in the life and arts section...crazy! Meeting J.K. Rowling was absolutely amazing. If you can't wait to hear about it till I come home, go here:

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"Pooja says I've spent so many pounds I'll be thin when I come back"