Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

Sometimes it's not just about the food. Sealing the deal on a home-cooked meal is topping off your deliciously prepared food with a pitcher of a complementing beverage. It is always nice to give the drink a personal touch even if it's not completely home-made by adding something special like fresh fruit. My indian family drinks the same thing with every meal: a glass of chilled water with a slice of lemon to kill the germs and no ice to save your throat...possibly even to prevent unsightly chewing or sucking of ice cubes. 

One night I decided to surprise my parents by serving them America's favorite summery drink: Lemonade. My lemonade of choice is Simply Lemonade. It's a great natural taste at a good price. To spice things up, or more appropriately sweeten and color things up, I pureed a pint of fresh strawberries and added that to the pitcher of lemonade. The strawberries give this drink a bright red, happy color and delightful twist on regular lemonade. I like to leave a few small chunks in the lemonade to keep the drink a little exciting, but to give a completely smooth look be sure to puree the strawberries a good while keeping an eye out for chunks of strawberry.

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