Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Galaxy Cafe

47th at Guadalupe - Austin, Tx
Meal: Veggie Burger & side of Mac & Cheese ( $7.25 +$0.50 for Smoked Gouda)

The Happy Club hosted its inaugural dinner at the newly opened location of the Galaxy Cafe situated in the charming luxury apartment complex The Triangle. Across from one of my beloved eateries Mandola's Market, Galaxy Cafe is a delight of its own from the spacey decor (reminiscent of the futuristic dining in Disney's Tomorrow Land and Epcot Center) to the wholesome items on the menu. Expect to be served La Madeleine style by ordering first at the register and taking your seat at table where your order will be brought out to you.

Although this may be a diner, don't expect greasy dishes attacked by salt and pepper shakers. All of the menu items will leave you with a light, satisfying feeling. I ordered the Veggie Burger(and added the smoked gouda, which I highly recommend) with a side of the highly acclaimed macaroni and cheese. Now, I normally think twice about ordering veggie burgers as I am well-acquainted with the undercooked veggie patties served daily at Kinsolving dining call on the UT campus. Of course in restaurants a much higher standard is used, but more times than not, I've ended up with a once frozen Gardenburger or something slightly worse. Galaxy Cafe makes their own homemade veggie patty, the taste of which reminded me of a falafel and not surprisingly, produced the same feeling of being well-fed. The burger was not overly moist since I prefer not to eat Mayo. I left it off and was tempted to add the avocado, but stayed away because of the $1.25 price addition.

As for the macaroni and cheese, I can't vouch for its nutritional qualities, but each spoonful of macaroni was coated in a creamy mixture of cheese. All of my friends enjoyed their meals, burgers and wraps - nothing shockingly innovative, but delightfully pleasing nonetheless. A remark could be made about the rather pinkish Tuna Steak, which tasted "fine" to my friend. I'd definitely say this place is a step up from Kerbey Lane in presentation, taste, and atmosphere. However, at Kerbey Lane you can count on a more entertaining server, yummy pancakes, cheap prices and the ever reliable 24-hour service.

Overall Galaxy Cafe is a quick, casual spot perfect for sharing breakfast or lunch with a friend. The hostess kindly arranged for several of the tables meant for 4 to be placed for our party of 8, which gave us plenty of room but left us feeling awkwardly far distanced from one another. Not to worry though, there is plenty of booth seating that lines the wall if you ever end up at the Galaxy Cafe with a dozen of your friends.


elaine's aunt mary said...

Great idea! Love reading your reviews. Just wish you liked meat, so I could hear more about that, but as long as you include your carnivorous friends' opinions that will help. You're a very good writer. Keep it up. I love to eat, I'm sure you can tell by looking at me!

traveler's pen said...

Thanks! I promise to keep everyone posted on comments from my meat-loving friends. I love food, too. I just wished I loved exercise more... haha