Monday, July 14, 2008


1500 Barton Springs Rd.
Meal: Margherita Pizza ($5.00)

Romeo's has found her Juliet, and it's my stomach.

Before heading out to the annual Zilker Park Musical, my friends and I stopped at Romeo's for an early dinner. The Romeo's website proudly boasts their $5 at 5 special, which includes a variety of wines, pizzas, and appetizers all for $5 each on weekdays from 3 to 6pm.

For the quality and amount of food and great service, this $5 deal is a must! With a special like this, one might worry that the level of service must drop at happy hour, but this was not the case. We found our waiter to be attentive and amusing. I had been to Romeo's once before. At night the atmosphere truly changes. During the day, expect a much more casual ambience, but equally good service.

As for our meal, each of us ordered a different pizza off the Happy Hour Menu: Margherita, Tomato Artichoke, Chipotle Chicken, and Four Cheese. I won't say the pizzas were on par with La Taverna or North, but for $5, I was more than satisfied. None of the girls at the table could manage to finish an entire pizza in one sitting, (Can't say the same for good, old Joe who couldn't risk his masculinity by leaving his plate unpolished) but our leftovers were perfect for sharing with our friends who we met up with to watch the musical a while later.

As opposed to the awful crème brûlée we tried at Chez-Zee, this dessert prepared at Romeo's delighted me at my original visit. I expect I'll be coming back to Romeo's soon to try out other items on the menu!

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