Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Sneakpeak

You've probably heard me say I wish Christmas lasted all year long (I have been found watching ELF smack-dab in the middle of the summer), and so it must be no surprise I share the same affection for Thanksgiving. Honestly a holiday to reflect on the good times over a festive meal with loved ones should come around more often. I'd be pleased with a similar feast to celebrate each season.

I am thrilled to attend three Thanksgiving potlucks prior to my family's own Beastless Feast 2009, which of course gives me ample opportunity to test ideas on my friends. I could not imagine sending myself unarmed to my parents' home to prepare a dinner for their critical palates. I love my family dearly, but we are all a bunch of hungry, hard to please fools spoiled by our mothers' good cooking.

Anyway, I promise to catch you up on all of the "coming-soons" below, but first let me delight you with a sneak peak of the draft menu I've assembled from a few sources:
- the three latest issues of Bon Appétit
- American Way Magazine
(Papa pulled one from the airplane on one of weekly trips to Bloomington, IL.. I love their online version.. Papa flipped through his hard copy, while I browsed the interactive pdf!)
- Whole Foods flagship store Thanksgiving tasting (gave inspiration for the crostini)
- Times Online UK
- Primizie (One of my favorite dishes in Austin is Primizie's gnocchi, I'm talking I almost licked my plate clean... With my parents in Dallas, I hoped to create a similar version to share with them)
-Recipezaar (I don't usually trust this site, but wanted to use to give me some basic direction)

You'll notice a few notes throughout the menu. I emailed this draft menu to my parents because when it comes to Thanksgiving, everyone has to get a say on the menu!

LE MENU THANKSGIVING : another Vegetarian celebration of food and wine!

Crostini w/ Fig Spread and Brie

Savory Bread Pudding w/ Mushrooms
Butternut Squash & Cheddar Bread Pudding

Winter Greens & Shitake
Broccolini w/ smoked paprika & Almonds
Smashed Rutabagas w/ ginger roasted pears
Cranberry Sauce
Sage Potato Gnocchi w/ Chanterelle Mushrooms, Roasted Sweet Corn
Scalloped Potatoes and Fennel
Swiss Chard Ricotta Gnudi with Fall Mushrooms
Grilled Asparagus with Sesame Citrus Sauce

olive bread (an incredible olive loaf available at Tom Thumbs near our home.. brand to be mentioned upon recall... even I need a break sometimes!)
Chile cornbread
Fresh Cornbread w/ basil

Harvest Pear Crisp
Apple Goat Cheese Honey Tart
Lemon Tart

Pommeau (french apple wine) - first course
Pinot Grigio - 2nd course
Vin Santo (red wine from Santorini) - 3rd course.. For now I still feel a white wine goes best with the dessert. Papa is eager to open this bottle, however. Mother would be saddened without something to emulate her beloved apple pie.. Oh what a toss-up! Perhaps Papa will need to wait till I make something chocolatey later in the week.
Le Chocolat l'Africain a recipe from Michael Turback's "Hot Chocolate"

P.S. Did I mention I'm still mourning the loss of Gourmet magazine? Depression!

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