Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"What do you think they do in the Netherlands for two hours?" -Sara

Location: Chole's Air Mattress in Louvain La Nueve
Currently Listening: Super Sjoene Daag (vlierglied) - De Radlers
Weather: Mild/Humid..probably from hanging wet laundry

Well, it sure has been a whirlwind weekend as I've spent the past few days making a tour of Belgium with a quick stopover in Maastricht for Carnaval. My weekend has consisted of the following:

- Losing my hat in the bathroom of a biscuit shop
- Intense  BBCW consumption (Belgian Beer Chocolate & Waffles)
- A day each in Brussels, Antwerp, Brugge, and Louvain La Nueve (where Chole is studying)
- The Maastricht Carnaval (the European origins of Mardi Gras void of beads and flashing)
- Catching up on the Buck Wild History of Miss Chole Brumley

I would love to write more, and maybe I will on the plane, but I am of course totally unpacked for my flight to Dublin in a few hours. Promise fun stories to come!!

Every five seconds this song played from a float in the Carnaval parade in Maastricht.


rocky said...

Your pictures = amazing. You guys must have had a blast at Carnaval. The purple queen seriously looks like s flying purple people eater, so watch out/don't turn your back or you might get bit! I'm glad you're having fun there, your life seems so exciting now. I hope you're intending to make a scrapbook when you get home (hehe) I promise I'll do a better job of helping you with it this year. Love you, bff rocky

traveler's pen said...

haha no one bit me haha thank god!

I sort of have a scrapbook going. :) you'll see.

ps. store nearby called solola. ;)